Warts – will the sun make them worse?

Warts are tumors or growths that occur when the keratin component of the skin grows too fast. This is a phenomenon that is brought about a virus called Human Papilloma Virus, otherwise commonly known as HPV. They are contagious and can easily be passed from one individual to another.

Among the many concerns that come warts, is if the sun can make them worse. In expounding on this, cancer comes into mind.  First, warts are not cancerous. Just few of them of them can cause cancer. These are mostly genital warts whose HPV virus attacks the mucosal tissue lining leading to cancer. Some of the cancers that may be brought about this way are anal and cervical cancers. Mouth and throat cancers also fall under this category and they occur when the HPV virus finds its way to the mouth, mostly through oral sex.
Let us go back to the main question of warts and the sun. Warts cannot be made worse by the ultra violet rays of the sun. The only thing that can happen to them is a change in color. They may turn to be redder or darker because of the suns rays. Otherwise, the sun will in no way trigger its spreading or growing.
Sometimes the sun may cause auto-immune problems. This means that there is a chance, although very slim, that your body’s ability to fight off HPV may be reduced due to long exposure to the sun. In the event of this, you may notice warts developing although you cannot really explain where you got them.
Instead of being worried if the sun is going to make them worse, you should have them removed as soon as possible. Most of the warts can disappear on their own, just like they appeared. It is however not advisable to wait for this to occur as it is unpredictable. Getting to have them removed should be the priority.
There are many methods available today that you could use to remove warts. Some of them are very easy indeed and can be employed at home. For example, you can use a duct tape and put it over the warts for about a week after which you should remove it and dip the warts in warm water for about five minutes. After this, you should then scrap off the dead tissue from the skin.

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