Plantar Warts- symptoms, causes and treatment

Plantar warts are viral infected skin growths on the feet of people. These warts are mainly noncancerous. Plantar warts are created by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). These viruses can enter to the body through small cuts and breaks in the skin. Plantar warts often create beneath pressure points in the feet, such as balls or heels of the feet.
Plantar warts causes
Some people are more at risk to warts than others. Exposing of feet to unsanitary surfaces can cause plantar warts. Plantar warts can occur on the mucous membrane or the skin. Plantar warts may bleed if they injured. People are more tend to grow a plantar wart where they have broken skin, such as scrape, a cut hangnail, or closely bitten nail. Plantar warts are frequent to swimmers whose feet are broken and scratched by uneven pool surfaces. Plantar warts are often found among those who handle chicken, fish, and meat.
Plantar warts symptoms
There are some major symptoms of plantar warts.

  • Foot pain- senses like a bump under the feet.
  • Back or leg pain- possibly causes poor stance.
  • Firm, warty lesions with tiny isolated dark spots inside the affected area.

Treatment and diagnosis
To identify a plantar wart, the dermatologist will examine the foot of patient and look symptoms and signs of warts. Although plantar warts may ultimately clear up by themselves, most patients want faster relief. The main reason behind the treatment is to fully remove the warts. The dermatologists may use oral or topical treatment, cryotherapy, laser therapy, surgery, or freezing technique to remove warts.  The real goal of warts treatment is to remove or destroy the warts without producing scar tissues, which is more painful than the warts. The treatments of warts mainly depend on its type, location and symptoms.
Although plantar warts may ultimately disappear by themselves, one should seek treatment if the warts are painful. Dermatologist will carefully treat the warts and apply chemical solutions for dressing the warts. Self care is most needed for the treatment of plantar warts. Salicylic acid patches are applied on the affected area on a daily basis. Regular uses of pumice stone as well as good foot hygiene are often needed for plantar wart treatment. It will take few weeks to disappear the warts completely.

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