Women are especially bothered by the occurrence of warts although men are not exempted from developing these even kids. Technology makes it possible to identify the root cause of this problem and even offer effective and fast treatment. But, how extensive your knowledge is with this kind of skin condition?
Surely, you have thoughts in your mind about the possible cause of warts. Popular misconception of warts is that they can be acquired by holding frog or toads. You might even think that this could be the reason why kids get warts because they enjoy playing with toads. That is far from reality. Although warts come in different types, size, color, shape and location, virus is the prime cause of their development. In fact, many are viewing them to be cosmetic problem and if untreated, they cause extreme pain and discomfort. Here are important facts you should understand about warts.
Warts are not formed equally. Common type of this skin problem is due to HPV – the Human Papilloma Virus. They are benign, however, some HPV strains causes cervical cancer among women. A plantar wart is painful while a flat wart is very common. Also, there are genital warts in which if left untreated, may result in psychological and physical distress.
There is no cure for HPV warts. Once the HPV virus breaks into your body, it stays in your DNA. There is no known cure for warts them but you can likewise treat as well as remove warts either by natural process or surgery. Despite the presence of HPV virus, outbreaks of warts occur periodically.
Warts come and go but not at all time. Although they disappear even without treatment, they could worsen as well as spread all over the body. Most likely, they reoccur within six months.
Even though most types of warts could spread onto your feet, hands and other body parts, genital warts stay only in genital area and can be transmitted sexually.
Treatment though is possible, most especially can be prevented. Though some type will disappear without treatment, intensive case is curable and must be treated. Wart removal is possible in different ways like freezing, burning off by acids, prescribed medications and natural essential oils. Severe types may require surgery. Furthermore, prevention can be undertaken to alter future outbreak by strengthening the immune system. In doing so, you can either use natural substances like selenium, bioflavins, grape see and green tea extract.
Rightly then, if you have warts, have a dermatologist diagnosed them and follow suggested treatment to keep yourself for future complications.