10 Ways To Remove Warts

Warts occur on the skin because of the keratin component growing too fast. This is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, otherwise commonly known as HPV. They are highly contagious and can easily be passed from one person to another. Most of them, after they appear, disappear by themselves. However, it is not wise to wait for this to happen since it is unpredictable. You should consider removing warts as soon as possible so the treatment will be much faster & more effective. Here are 10 ways to remove warts:
1. Cryotherapy- It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to kill the cells within the warts. Blisters develop then scabs are formed and fall off after a week or so.
2. Electrocautery- In this case an electric current is passed through the warts to kill the cells within it.
3. Surgery- This is applied in the case of big and stubborn warts. They are cut off under a local or general anesthesia from the base. Unfortunately, warts that are removed this way often grow back.
4. Laser treatment- In the case of warts that are hard to treat through any other way, a laser beam is used to kill the cells within the, thus removing them.
5. Photodynamic therapy-It entails injecting a chemical into the warts that is activated by light and kills the cell tissues within them.
6. Use of cantharidin- Cantharidin is a blister beetle extract. Together with a few other chemicals, it is applied to the warts, inducing blisters, and killing the cells within them. This happens after a period of time, after which the doctor then scraps off the dead cells.
7. Use of duct tape- This is easily employed at home and it involves the application of duct tape on the warts. It then leads to the dying of the cells after six days or so, you remove the duct tape, dip the warts in warm water and then scrap off the dead tissue. After this, you should leave the warts open for the night and cover them with a new duct tape the following day. This is a process that should be repeated until the warts completely come off.
8. Use of immunotherapy- In this case, someone’s immune system is triggered to fight off the warts and the HPV virus within them.
9. Use of retinoids- They are derived from vitamin A and are good at disrupting the cell growth of the warts.
10. Bleomycin- In this method, bleomycin is injected to kill the HPV virus within the warts.