What Causes Warts?

What causes warts? Warts are a type of growth that occurs on the skin, mostly around the feet, genitals and the hands. This is not to say that they cannot appear anywhere else, as they have also been identified or confirmed to develop around the eyes, face, ears, chest and back. They are viral, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, commonly known as HPV. However, not all types of HPV viruses are responsible for warts. Mostly, it is the type 2 and type 7 that are present in warts.
How is does one get infected by the Human Papilloma virus in order to get warts? First of all, note that warts are contagious. That means that they can easily be transmitted from one person to another, as well as from one body part to another. Therefore, most of the times people acquire warts from other already infected persons.
How many times have you rubbed against other people? I bet many. That is something that is inevitable especially if your daily activities involve being around many people. Therefore, getting to accidentally rub against an exposed wart is something that is very possible. In this case, the HPV virus is passed from the wart to your exposed body part. After that the virus causes another wart on your body.
If also by chance, you get to scratch the wart using your nails, chances are that the virus is going to be transferred to your fingertips, hence causing another wart. On the other hand, if you choose to bite your finger nails, you may end up with other warts on your lips or mouth too. Therefore, the managing of a wart once you develop one is also important. Try as much as possible to avoid any transfer of the viruses to any other body part. The best way to this is to find a way to cover any wart that you may have.
Sometimes, public swimming pools form a platform for HPV virus transmission. If someone who has warts get into the water and they get open by any chance, it is very likely that the viruses will be transmitted to a healthy skin individual and end up causing warts.
However, all these cases do not apply to everyone. Different people have different immunity to HPV. Therefore, the chances of getting warts are never the same for all individuals. One may come in contact with the virus and still remain healthy, while another person may develop warts.